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Nahlásené incidenty
1.1.2019 - 31.12.2019



Computer Security Incident Response Team Slovakia - CSIRT.SK was established by the Ministry of Finance of the SR to ensure adequate protection of the national information and communication infrastructure and critical information infrastructure.

CSIRT.SK provides services associated with security incidents handling and impact elimination followed by the recovery of affected information and communication technologies. CSIRT.SK cooperates with the owners and operators of critical information infrastructure, telecom operators, Internet service providers (ISPs) and other state authorities (eg police, investigators, courts). Additionally, it contributes to awareness rising in the certain areas of information security, actively cooperates with international counterparts and organizations and represents the Slovak Republic in the field of information security at the international level.

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Press release15.01.2019

Demonstration of RAT malware functionality

This demonstration presents an example of a cyberattack flow exploiting a MS Office document which delivers a remote access and control tool (RAT) to the victim's device. We will see that only a minute cooperation from the victim is necessary for a complete stealthy compromise of the victim's device. 
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Vulnerabilities in Microsoft and Google products

CSIRT.SK discovered the 0-day vulnerabilities in products from Microsoft a Google which allows malicious code execution or privilege escalation. 
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Press release06.12.2016

CSIRT.SK took part in Cyber Coalition 2016

The biggest cyber defense exercise to date, which is annually organized by NATO, took place at the end of November and early December. More than 700 IT professionals, legal experts and government employees participated. 
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Press release28.11.2016

CSIRT.SK took part in cyber security exercise Cyber Europe 2016

Cyber Europe is the biggest and most comprehensive EU exercise aimed at cyber security to date. This years’s Cyber Europe 2016 (CE2016) was kicked off on 13th October 2016 with participants from all over Europe.  
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Press release08.04.2015

CSIRT.SK is taking part in international project CS Danube

CSIRT.SK is taking part in project Cyber Security in Danube Region CS Danube within the international cooperation programme. 
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Press release07.05.2014

CSIRT.SK took part in biggest EU cyber security exercise to date: Cyber Europe 2014

On Monday, 28 April 2014, European countries kicked off the Cyber Europe 2014 (CE2014). CE2014 is a highly sophisticated cyber exercise, involving more than 600 security actors across Europe. 
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